İasos Hill Tourism Complex İasos, Muğla

The antique city of Iassos as it appears today, inspired us in the selection of the hotel site and its form. The continuing stone walls, the earth fill and the olive threes repeats themselves on the new buildings. Therefore, buildings, old and new, being covered with the same natural landscape, link times and spaces, never competing each other . The earth fill contributes to the heat isolation and the continuation of the local landscape keeps the albedo coefficient constant. This mix use project is made up of a two hundred bed hotel, residences, a three hundred and fifty  berth marina, and open air sport activity centers.

Client İasos Turizm ve yatırım A.Ş.
Project Date 2009
Site Area 30.450 m2
Building Area
Projects Conceptual Dessign


Fenerkalamış cad. Tibaş Belvü Sitesi No:110 A2 BLOK No:10 / Fenerbahçe /Kadıköy/İstanbul