Göcek – Portville Göcek, Muğla

The project was prepared in 1999 and constructed in 2007. At the time of the design, regional plan regulations on building local style were strict and most of the architectural elements ere dictated. Working within these limitations, we had to take the Muğla residential style as reference, that was never applied within the Göcek area. The site plan was partially developed with HOK. Considering the land’s flat surface, high water table and existence of the marina in a short distance, formation of channels seemed to be evident during design process. The water channels, serves as a means a means of transport to the open sea and allows the cool breeze into the development while giving different vistas to the shore and the neighboring forest.

Client  Anadolu Turizm Yatırımları AŞ.
Project Date  2005 – 2007
Site Area  46.116 m2
Building Area  18.176 m2
Projects  Conceptual Design


Fenerkalamış cad. Tibaş Belvü Sitesi No:110 A2 BLOK No:10 / Fenerbahçe /Kadıköy/İstanbul