Çiğli – Housing Development Çiğli, İzmir

The site is situated on the Izmir Ayvalık Highway, opposite to Çiğli Airport. The slope that varies between 10% to 55% enables the 378 dwelling unit a good view overlooking the bay. The units are composed of detached, attached villas, town houses and terrace houses. The small valley within the site is utilized to collect the storm water to a small artificial lake which will be used as storage for irrigation. The heating and domestic hot water will be supported by the solar collector panels that can be oriented. Space is reserved on the flat roofs for the photovoltaic panels that may be economically suitable in the near future. The flat roofs are also equipped with sky light window units that enable natural light and ventilation.

Client Akşen Construction
Project Date 2008
Site Area 130.000 m2
Building Area 69.460 m2


Fenerkalamış cad. Tibaş Belvü Sitesi No:110 A2 BLOK No:10 / Fenerbahçe /Kadıköy/İstanbul